Potential new threads - Child Care

Dorothee Guenzel guenzel at mail.rz.uni-duesseldorf.de
Tue Oct 28 03:55:38 EST 1997

Hi Sara,

I don't know, whether my last mail came through - I recently found some 
statistics on German universities, which I found quite interesting. Does 
anybody know the equivalent numbers for US?

--------(from last week's mail)-------
Generally, there are slightly more female than male students. However, at 
the end of 1995 only 8.2 % of the full professors were female, and only 4.
8 % of those holding a chair. Since 1990 the number of women completing 
their "habilitation", the formal qualification neccessary to apply for 
professorship, has increased from 100 to 438, in the western part of the 
country the number has triplicated since 1980.
A main difference between male and female professors is that more than 
60% of the females don't have any children, as compared to less than 20% of 
the male professors. More male than female professors are married. Of 
these, a higher percentage of the male than female professors have partners, 
who don't have their own job (i.e. proportionally more housewifes than 


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