Research at Undergraduate Institutions

Ellen Klann emklann at
Tue Oct 28 18:15:08 EST 1997

The Fall is here and I am working on my statement of research interests
for another year of academic job applications.  I had a bit of success
last year-- two interviews-- but I want to improve the quantity and
quality.  One problem I have is that I have no experience with
undergraduate research.  I have been told by contacts at these
institutions that undergraduate research is just like graduate research,
but this does not seem entirely true to me.  So if you could...

1. Tell me about the research  projects that you have going with
undergraduates.  I am particularly interested in the areas of cell
biology, plant physiology, and plant molecular biology.

2. What equipment do you have and not have, and so how do you plan
projects around what you have?  Do most have greenhouse space and
research grade microscopes?

3.  Any general advice that you wish someone would have told you when
you started out?


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