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Megan Brown mbrown at fred
Tue Oct 28 14:37:34 EST 1997

I was interested in Rae's comment:
"We also share babysitting duties when there is no school
or childcare but we have to work ("funny" holidays like Veterans Day.)"

Can it be that Oregon Health Sciences University really does not give
people a holiday for Veterans' Day? Isn't it a public institution? Here in
Seattle, both the University of Washington (a public institution) and Fred
Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (a private
institution) give Veterans' Day off. Although many scientists work on
those "funny" holidays, they certainly are not required to by their
institutions. It bothers me that many scientific events go on "as
usual" on these official days off. Seminars are given, lab meetings
continue, etc. I remember one time the comment of the PI in charge of our
weekly Signal Transduction meeting on whether to cancel the meeting due to
a holiday or not. He said "Oh, no one takes that day off. We'll all be
here." That statement totally dismisses all the scientists who won't be
there because they'll be home with their kids. I guess in his mind,
scientist-parents don't really count. You know, they're not serious about
Science, they contributions won't be missed, etc.


Megan Brown
mbrown at fred.fhcrc.org
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, Washington

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