Child care addressed by Sarah

Michelle Garrison garrison at
Thu Oct 30 17:44:57 EST 1997

Just a comment on Jennifer's post:

>particularly good with their social skills and I credit our good day care
>center for these. As far as illness goes, I think they get it young, in day
>care, or they get it when then enter the public school system.

this is actually a proven fact -- while children attending day care centers
have a higher incidence of infectious disease as toddlers/preschoolers,
they have a drastically lower incidence of disease/missed school days when
they reach school-age.

as an ex-preschool and kindergarten teacher, I'd also like to comment that
children who have gone to good day care centers are frequently more
prepared for school than are children who are cared for at home.  they have
already adjusted to the fact that they are not the center of the universe.

Michelle Garrison
University of Washington

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