EPA/NSF New Funding Opportunity

Fri Oct 31 10:33:50 EST 1997

Forwarding this in case any readers are interested:

The US Environmental Protection Agency and the US National Science 
Foundation are continuing to cooperate in considering proposals 
for research of interest to them.  The new announcement for the 
Decision Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy program is 
available on the World Wide Web at 


The Decision-making and Valuation for Environmental Policy competition 
encourages research on improving decision-making and understanding 
diverse values in environmental policy and related public issues. 
Within this component, priority will be given to research leading to 
advances in valuing environmental quality and economic growth and in 
improving environmental decisionmaking. 

The program expects to spend about $2 million for grants, with a 
projected award range from $60,000 to $125,000 per award per year, and 
an approximate duration of 2 to 3 years. Field experiments, survey 
research,and multi-investigator projects may be considered for a 
higher funding level. Depending on the quality of proposals and the
recommendations from merit review, the sponsoring agencies expect more 
than half the resources to be allocated to the component area of 
benefits of environmental policies and programs.

Proposals in response to this announcement must be received by January 
15, 1998. It is anticipated that awards will be made by Fall 1998. 
Awards resulting from this competition may be made by either EPA or 
NSF, at the option of the agencies, not the grantee.

If you wish further information about this component of the EPA-NSF 
Partnership for Environmental Research, please contact any one of the 
following individuals:

Ms. Deborah Hanlon
hanlon.deborah at epamail.epa.gov
fax (202) 565-2447, voice (202) 564-6836

Dr. Alan Carlin
carlin.alan at epamail.epa.gov
fax (202) 260-5732, voice (202) 260-5499

Dr. Rachelle Hollander
rholland at nsf.gov
fax (703) 306-0485, voice (703) 306-1743

Dr. Jon Leland
jleland at nsf.gov
Fax (703) 306-0485, voice (703) 306-1757

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Dartmouth College

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