marriage and name-changing

muriel lederman mstorrie at
Wed Sep 3 16:30:14 EST 1997

>Just try registering for the conference under your "old" professional
>name, but paying for the hotel with a charge card in your "new" legal
>name.  And if your "new" name is your legal name, than the university is
>going to be making paychecks out to that name, so you'll be in all the
>files as that name.  Now try using your "old" name in the telephone
>directory, etc.!  It's just a real nightmare!

I succeeded with the help of an understanding departmental head secretary -
it only takes once - they use the same basic copy year after year.
>I can top that! this is my third time through this!
>Julia Frugoli
>Dartmouth College
Me, too! Muriel

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