marriage and name-changing

Wed Sep 3 15:07:07 EST 1997

(large snip of good points)
>Going back to social/professional contexts, maybe you need to
>decide more specifically which cases you'd imagine using
>the two names -- for example, which name on your drivers
>license? on your credit cards? on your papers? on your house
>stationary? on your monogrammed towels? hotel reservations
>when you're traveling for pleasure? when you're travelling
>for business?

Just try registering for the conference under your "old" professional 
name, but paying for the hotel with a charge card in your "new" legal 
name.  And if your "new" name is your legal name, than the university is 
going to be making paychecks out to that name, so you'll be in all the 
files as that name.  Now try using your "old" name in the telephone 
directory, etc.!  It's just a real nightmare!

It was also mentioned that kids with different last names are a 
problem-not really.  After all my husband and i have different names, 
and the kids have yet a third, as my husband is not their father.  But 
its never been a problem with insurance, college loans, or anything 
legal-ony with school teachers who seem to freak out that X Keith's mom 
and dad are Kurtz and Frugoli!

>Yikes! I've been reading women-in-bio long enough to remember
>the last time we had this discussion.

I can top that! this is my third time through this!
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