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>Haven't seen any debates about name-changing in quite a while.
>I'm planning a (U.S.) wedding in the spring.  I always assumed that I 
>*wouldn't* change my last name, but now I'm giving at least a little
>consideration.  One other idea that came up was to continue to use
>my current name professionally and a married name socially.  While the
>idea of two identities has some appeal, it seems like a paperwork
>I also thought of using Firstname M. Lastname Newlastname because I
>don't really want to be hyphenated.
>Anyone care to comment on their experiences?

The partner-in-crime and I aren't married yet.  It'd be difficult for me
to change my name because of all of the publications I have as Cindy J.
Fuller.  Hyphenation is not an option because he has too many letters in
his last name.  (These computer forms are notorious for only having so
many spaces.)

I also get a giggle about the telemarketers who call for Mrs.
Vrieslander.  First off, they usually can't pronounce it.  Since his
father remarried, there are 2 Mrs. Vrieslanders-however, they're both in
Florida.  Although I do get steamed when the telemarketers ask for Mr. or
Mrs. Fuller...


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