marriage and name-changing

Susan Laredo nospam at
Thu Sep 4 08:51:15 EST 1997

Deb McDonough wrote: 
> And, once again, I'll present some pro name changing arguements.<snip>
> It probably depends on how established you are professionally and whether
> there is a location change coming up.  My move at the time of the marriage
> certainly made the switch easier.  I needed a new drivers licence already.<snip>
> And. . . be careful about the assumption that such a change comes from
> bowing to tradition or any such thing.  After deciding that we wanted to
> share a name, we flipped a coin to see which one it would be.  Heads was
> his.  So it is. Wouldn't have to "defend myself" nearly as often if we'd
> flipped tails. . .  Shouldn't have to defend myself anyway. . .

Points well taken.  Sorry you always feel like you're on the defense...
My identity is pretty well established under my current name.  
As the wedding approaches, we've had conversations about wanting to 
share a name.  Not necessarily because of tradition - just because we want to.
His name is not very common (Rehn) and he's the last surviving male with 
that name in the group of descendents from a pair of Swedish immigrants.
His mother made sure I knew how important that was to her.  ;-)
He's also far enough along in his career that he doesn't want to change his name

Another idea we've kicked around is changing our middle names. And to keep
continuity in publications, I could publish as S.J.R. Laredo instead of S.J. Laredo.
That won't be hard to keep track of.  Just a thought.  At this point, I think
the plan is to keep my name as is, with the new middle name as the only feasible


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