marriage and name-changing

Karen Allendoerfer ravena at
Wed Sep 3 14:15:33 EST 1997

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Jagadeesh) wrote:

> But, most of my friends are professional collegues (of mine, or
> my husbands), so I can't imagine when I'd use the "social" name.
> This may work for people who have more divided social/professional
> lives, that is who socialize with friends from church, and work
> with people at the university.

This also fits my experience as a scientist (many of my friends are also
my colleagues), and even in my (Unitarian Universalist) church directory
there are a significant number of couples and families listed where the
spouses have different surnames.  It's getting more common for people to
be able to deal with a woman's keeping her name, even in "social"
> Yikes! I've been reading women-in-bio long enough to remember
> the last time we had this discussion.

Me too . . . starting to feel like an old-timer :)


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