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linden higgins (linden at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU) wrote:
: On a completely different subject --

: I was informed today that my MSWord has a macrovirus - I'd never even heard
: of these things before.  It is a really new one:  all of the anti-viral
: programs in this department fail to detect it.  I just called MS help line,
: because one of the failed anti-viral programs was a piece of free-ware they
: put out last year (it got infected when I tried to run it!).  They are no
: longer supporting or developing anti-viral programs, and the engineer just
: referred me to sales reps. at three different companies!

Microsoft at one time was providing a patch to fix the macros of infected
copies of Word. I tried it and it was next to useless. Most of the latest
versions of the major anti-virus programs for Macintosh now have
macrovirus protection. I have used Dr. Solomon's anti-virus toolkit with
good results to rid my computer of word macroviruses. This program was the
first to provide anti-macrovirus protection. The other major Mac virus
detection programs (Virex, SAM) soon followed suit. Try to get upgrades to
the existing anti-virus programs in your department and you will probably
then be able to solve your annoying problem (the Macroviruses are
extremely ennoying!). Visit Dr. Solomon's web site for more info:

for specific info on the macroviruses, go to this page:

If you are a PC user, I think Dr. Solomon has windows and DOS versions of
his kit too.

Good luck.

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