marriage and name-changing

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> : change my middle name to her unmarried name. Only problem was that it cost
> : a fair amount of money for a man to change his name in Massachusetts (and
> : other states as I found out on this newgroup); while name changes were
> : free for woman who were getting married. 
> really?  i thought massachusetts was a common-law name-change state
> (at least that's what legal services here at umass say in their
> pamphlet on the subject), and all one has to do is consistantly use
> the new name and notify the proper authorities.  the pamphlet did
> state that one might have to go through the more expensive official
> process if anyone important gave you a hard time about it.
> -sian (formerly shawn)

It was true in 1991 that to officially change it (new driver's license,
etc.); it would cost money. Don't rightfully know about the common-law
name change issue. I do seem to remember that when we had the name-change
discussion about a year ago that another person from Massachusettes had
the same problem....


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