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On a completely different subject --

I was informed today that my MSWord has a macrovirus - I'd never even heard
of these things before.  It is a really new one:  all of the anti-viral
programs in this department fail to detect it.  I just called MS help line,
because one of the failed anti-viral programs was a piece of free-ware they
put out last year (it got infected when I tried to run it!).  They are no
longer supporting or developing anti-viral programs, and the engineer just
referred me to sales reps. at three different companies!

There are only three symptoms:
(1) the icon changes
(2) infected documents automatically turn on the "autosave" function
(3) when I manually save, it saves twice

So far as I can tell, there are no other problems.  But I feel as though I
am sitting on a time bomb - does anyone know anything about this, or where
the best place is to go to get information and a cleaning program?

Everything I've done in Word since 4 August is infected - two grant
proposals, job application material, a manuscript, lectures (I didn't know
this until today because I use "names" not "icons", and I thought the thing
with saving was a glitch).  I can no longer send files to anyone, which is
going to make things difficult in this increasingly paper-less university.
I've spent the whole day trying to clean my machine, and cannot even find
someone who recognizes the bug!

Thanks in advance


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