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: change my middle name to her unmarried name. Only problem was that it 
: a fair amount of money for a man to change his name in Massachusetts 
: other states as I found out on this newgroup); while name changes were
: free for woman who were getting married. 

really?  i thought massachusetts was a common-law name-change state
(at least that's what legal services here at umass say in their
pamphlet on the subject), and all one has to do is consistantly use
the new name and notify the proper authorities.  the pamphlet did
state that one might have to go through the more expensive official
process if anyone important gave you a hard time about it.

-sian (formerly shawn)

OK one more time, for the record (and since my Mom is a judge in 
Massachusetts, I'm not making this up).  You can call yourself whatever 
you want.  However, if the name under which you receive wages, cash 
checks and borrow money does not match the name on your social security 
card, the IRS gets very upset and withholds your refunds, charges you 
extra interest, etc.  Likewise, the State of Massachusetts on their tax 
returns.   Credit reports in which the name does not match the social 
security number SOMETIMES get a red flag (though not often enough-its 
suprising easy to ruin someone else's credit). You can change the name 
on your social security card by submitting a legal document-a court 
order if you're a man, a court order or a marriage certificate if you're 
a woman (this is where MA is sexist-men can't change their names just by 
marrying).  Mind you, this was the law 3 years ago when I got married in 
Massachusetts-I will double check with Mom to see if things changed. 

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