marriage and name-changing

Kimberly Walker walker at
Thu Sep 4 14:51:15 EST 1997

On Wed, 3 Sep 1997, Susan Laredo wrote:

> Haven't seen any debates about name-changing in quite a while.
> I'm planning a (U.S.) wedding in the spring.  I always assumed that I 
> *wouldn't* change my last name, but now I'm giving at least a little
> consideration.  One other idea that came up was to continue to use
> my current name professionally and a married name socially.  While the
> idea of two identities has some appeal, it seems like a paperwork
> nightmare.  

Is this really a nightmare?  Most professional women I know don't change 
their name professionally although they do socially.  I will always be 
Dr. Walker professionally, so why mess with it?  If someone called me 
Mrs. Husband'sName socially or in conjunction with the children, I 
wouldn't argue about it, but to expect someone to look up you 
publications in old name, new name, maybe hyphenated transition name is 
too much.


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