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> Another idea we've kicked around is changing *our* middle names. And to keep
> continuity in publications, I could publish as S.J.R. Laredo instead of
S.J. Laredo.
> That won't be hard to keep track of.  Just a thought.  At this point, I think
> the plan is to keep my name as is, with the new middle name as the only
> alternative.
> Penny

I've also been around long enough to remember this discussion a few times! 

As far as my wife and I: my wife Susan did not have to worry about
publications or the complications for name change in her profession. She
took my name, mainly for reasons folks have mentioned here already: easier
dealing with insurance companies, the state and federal bureaucracy, etc.
Also she had friends with school age kids who kept their unmarried name
("maiden name" just sounds so archaic!), but they were *always* addressed
as Mrs. "insert-last-name-of-child-here". 

She decided that she would make her old last name her middle name; and we
decided that our children would all be given that name as their middle
name -- and we've done that with both our children. I also wanted to
change my middle name to her unmarried name. Only problem was that it cost
a fair amount of money for a man to change his name in Massachusetts (and
other states as I found out on this newgroup); while name changes were
free for woman who were getting married. 

As I noted previously, sexism works in mysterious ways.

My 2 electrons,


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