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>Hi Cindy,
>        It is not that we don't make students teach - it is that a shift
>was made to make them teach in their second year where, before, they
>taught in their first year.  Making the shift required some extra hours
>and hands (I actually filled a couple void spots during the transition
>year for experience).  
>        Anyway - I would not say that we have a luxury in terms of not
>making first years teach.  We made a decision to require it in the second
>year as opposed to the first year.  I recommend this decision to any dept.
>who is struggling with these kinds of issues - whether it is the
>non-proficient forgeign student or the completely whacked-out-stressed
>American... the first year should be research/rotation and basic
>coursework only (and English mastery, if necessary).

Could you clarify this - do your grad students teach during only one
year, and the change you've made is that they do it in their second
rather than their first year?  Or do they teach all the way through,
and they just start a year later now?  Even here at Caltech, where
the undergrad:grad student ratio is about 1:1, we have to TA
every year (or, more precisely, one quarter a year for each of our
first five years).

- Hannah

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