marriage and name-changing

anne c nye annenye at
Thu Sep 4 21:59:39 EST 1997

I took my husband's last name and used my maiden name as middle.  This
worked great for me, since my previous identity (as far as names go) was
not lost but my husband and I are able to have the same last name , which 
is important to me.  I would recommend that if you choose to change your name,
it might be helpful to keep your maiden name *somewhere* in your name, as it 
helps people remember you.
As for paperwork, that wasn't a hassle at all to change my name.  Once it's
over with , it's over with, and you don't recurring problems for the next
20 years about people being confused by two different last names for a 
husband and wife.
But, as has been said, it's certainly a very personal choice.
Anne Nye

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