marriage and name-changing

E. Wijsman wijsman at
Fri Sep 5 12:41:39 EST 1997

> we have kids) sharing a name (or at least part of one).  My 
> husband put no pressure on me to change my name, but he would 
> like our children to have one name - his.  We may still 

We solved this problem (with our two different last names) by agreeing
before any children came along that we would use my husband's last name
for boys, and mine for girls, with the other name as a middle name.  So a
boy would be named "X Y myname hisname", and a girl would be named "X Y
hisname myname".  I should say that my son seems to be very proud of the
fact that he shares my name as a middle name; if there is one of his names
that he seems to have the least interest in, it is his first middle name
(Y).  Again, with all the blended families these days, different names for
people in a family really provides no problem, and has never been a
problem either socially or legally for us.

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