marriage and name-changing

Amanda Kesner kesner at
Fri Sep 5 11:27:17 EST 1997

On Wed, 3 Sep 1997, Penny Riggs wrote:

> I have a couple of friends who took an interesting approach to 
> the name game.  His name was Fruehling, which I was told is
> German for spring.  Her name was Lockwood.  Their solution was
> to create a new family name: Springwood.   His father wasn't
> thrilled, but eventually got used to to it.  And based on telephone,
> registries, they're also the only Springwoods in the US.

I also know a couple that did that:  His last name was Fuchs (German for
fox) and hers was Lin.  Now, they're the Foxlins.  Interesting idea.
Won't work for me, though.  Both of our names are yucky, so I think I'll
just keep mine to make it easier professionally.


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