marriage and name-changing

matkisso at matkisso at
Mon Sep 8 10:55:18 EST 1997

In the midst of all this seriousness, I thought I'd pass along an example of
what can happen when you're socially one name, and professionally another:
(the names have not been changed)

Dr. Stone married Dr. Stanton, and remained Dr. Stone professionally, but Mrs.
Stanton socially.  Her husband overheard her one day on the phone placing an
order, carfeully giving her name.  "It's Stanton," she said, "spelled

Peg, whose name is a mess.

Mary Shippen AtKisson (already got a family middle name, and a funky spelling)
called Peg
Married to Joel White (whose name is easier for reservations)
who thinks that "Peg White" sounds like a birdcall

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