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Mon Sep 8 13:48:51 EST 1997

In article <873634077.31273 at>, kathleen at says...
>A recent thread made reference to (but didn't really deal
>with) several aspects of technicians working in research
>positions.  I'm interested in this on behalf of my sister
>who is a nurse and worked for years on drug-company sponsored
>research at a NY hospital.  An article on the research
>was just published and she was not given credit in the
>publication.  Do technicians normally get credit?  Are there
>established procedures for correcting this?  Should she
>write to the journal (J of Bone & Joint Surgery)?
>I would appreciate any direction you can provide.

I think it depends on the PI and on the nature of the
contribution your sister made to the work.  Our lab
recently published a paper in Science in which our 
technician was the first author, and another technician
was on the author list as well.  Both made substantial
contributions to developing methods, performing experiments,
and analyzing data.

I don't think writing to the journal is the appropriate
response; if your sister feels she was slighted, she should
probably take it up with her boss first.  

- Hannah
Hannah Dvorak-Carbone
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