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>Peg, whose name is a mess.
>Mary Shippen AtKisson (already got a family middle name, and a funky spelling)
>called Peg
>Married to Joel White (whose name is easier for reservations)
>who thinks that "Peg White" sounds like a birdcall

Now I know why I can't change my name upon marriage to the
partner-in-crime:  How would we make restaurant reservations??  People
even mess up Julian's first name.  The IRS has called him Julia for
years.  And he used to get Victoria's Secret catalogs addressed to Julia
Vrieslander.  (They finally stopped sending them to him when they realized
he hadn't ordered anything.)  He's been tempted to take my name, but he
may be the only male Vrieslander under 80 walking the Earth.

Cindy Fuller
believe it or not, this relatively simple name is often messed up

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