Giving Techs Credit

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Mon Sep 8 16:44:24 EST 1997

Hannah Dvorak-Carbone (hdvorak at wrote:
: I think it depends on the PI and on the nature of the
: contribution your sister made to the work.  Our lab
: recently published a paper in Science in which our 
: technician was the first author, and another technician
: was on the author list as well.  Both made substantial
: contributions to developing methods, performing experiments,
: and analyzing data.

At NIH, the official rule is that authors are supposed to
have contributed substantially to 2/3 of these three
parts of a project:

1) Planning & design
2) Data collection
3) Analysis & writing

Of course, the real guidelines are much longer, and they
are probably not always followed, but I think these
rules are a good starting point.

Another guideline I keep in mind is the document one
signs when submitting a paper, saying that each auther
takes responsibility for the paper as a whole. 

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