triage, money, teaching - what is important

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Mon Sep 8 22:36:13 EST 1997

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> I would argue that a PhD is a degree that
> shows your ability to ask independent, scholarly, questions, and to come
> up with data, arguements, or whatever your particular field uses as
> evidence to answer your questions. . . . Except where teaching
> is required, remember that there is no *requirement* that one accepts a TA
> or RAship as part of your training!  If you happen to be independently
> wealthy, or have a good outside job you can pay the tuition fees (which
> certainly gets done in some fields which don't have the sort of support
> we are used to in science).
Out of curiosity, what if someone were independently wealthy and hired a
staff of technicians to do their experiments for them?  Would this person
still be able to earn a Ph.D. without doing the benchwork as long as they
were planning and interpreting the experiments?


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