marriage and name-changing

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Mon Sep 8 23:29:40 EST 1997

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> Is this really a nightmare?  Most professional women I know don't 
> change their name professionally although they do socially.  I will 
> always be Dr. Walker professionally, so why mess with it?  If 
> someone called me Mrs. Husband'sName socially or in conjunction with 
> the children, I wouldn't argue about it, but to expect someone to look 
> up you publications in old name, new name, maybe hyphenated 
> transition name is too much. 
> Kim 

I think the fact that the women in bio newsgroup has such a huge discussion on 
this issue attests to the fact that women have not begun to become equal 
members in this society, even at the most educated edge. I use MY name. (It 
hasn't been maiden for quite a long time, now ;)  ) I used MY name when I was 
married, it was no problem. I used my name when separated, and I will continue 
to use MY name when divorced, remarried, or if I live to be a single elderly 
female.  At my daughter's school, when I introduce myself,  I'm Dr.Tibbles  or 
Lee Anne, Celine xxxxxx's Mom. 

Lee Anne Tibbles

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