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>I find it interesting that women feel free to decide for themselves whether
>they will take their husbands name, keep their own, or even have their
>husband take their name, but few question the tradition of giving children
>(especially male children) the name of the husband.  What is this
>overwhelming need of men to leave offspring to carry on their name?  

Because it is their duty!


Well, I don't know, but I do think it is nice to see the family name carried

and within our society that is indeed seen as the duty of the man.  Pure

My plan for this was to have my name being passed on to any female offspring
and my wife's name passed on to any male offspring.  Since we were only
planning on having two children my wife decided we would do that for the
first child and the second child would get the other spouse's last name.

This was important to her because she is the last member with her family
name in the states.  (Back in Finnland on the other hand ...)

Turned out that we had one boy and one girl so it didn't matter.

We considered hyphenated, I was in favor, but my wife didn't like it.
We also considered combining our last names... I did not care for
any of the combinations, so we just kept our own last names.

Ill. Dept of revenue routinely mangles our preprinted 1040IL lables
(I think they may have finally gotten it right this year)  trying to
remember which name pickup food was ordered under is mildly confusing
but all-in-all we're happy.


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