marriage and name-changing

Evans Kelly L 4klt5 at
Wed Sep 10 10:16:58 EST 1997

I was updating my resume yesterday and came to a startling conclusion. I
am getting married next Aug 8/98. I have been married before and took my
husband's name. After the divorce (grounds Adultery), I went back to my
maiden name. So my big decision was what to do now? I have no problems
being Mrs. X, so I thought about the dual identity thing. With the
comments here, I'm becoming more convinced that this just might not work
as well as I would like and becomes very confusing. I could keep my maiden
name, but I don't like the idea of my kids (if and when :> ) having
different names than me. A hyphenated name would work, sounds OK and is
not too long, but what happens in the second generation? If two hypenated
names got married, imagine the decisions they would have to make!

So I decided that I would just take my finance's name. On my resume I was
highlighting my place on the author's list. So when it comes to applying
for jobs, my resume will clearly outline the different names I have
published under (presumely 3 by then). I'm also realized that my
publication list is not terribly far 1 paper (name 1), 1
abstact (name 1), working on another paper right now (name 2), hopefully
an abstract (name 2), and maybe another paper or two by the time I finish
my Ph.D. (name 3). All with the same supervisor. I don't know what I will
do after my Ph.D.. If I continue in science than a majority of my
publications will be in name 3, and if people happen to miss a few it
won't be a big deal. If I take my Ph.D. into a non traditional route, than
holding onto my maiden name would seem silly.

Just another view that by no means wishes to imply that any other decision
is wrong!
Kelly Evans

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