marriage and name-changing

Rae Nishi nishir at
Thu Sep 11 11:10:01 EST 1997

Keep in mind that these days many people do electronic searches for
your papers if they are interested in your "track record".  For
example, if someone is considering working for you as a grad student or
post doc, they might try Medline to look at your papers.  Or they will
search to pull papers up they are considering inviting you to talk at a
dept's seminar.  This has happened to me a number of times recently. 
If you change your name alot, they will only search with your most
recent name because they will not be cognizant of your various
identities.  They might miss alot.  There must be a way to create links
in the database by supplying a former name as a "keyword".  Does anyone
know about this?

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