marriage and name-changing

L. Rosenblum l.rosenblum at
Thu Sep 11 10:47:29 EST 1997

I was about to be married the last time this subject was discussed, which
helped me think about the pros/cons of name changing.

Like the person who started this thread (Susan?), I thought about keeping my
name legally and professionally, but taking my husband's name socially.
Professionally and legally it has been extremely easy to keep my name.
Especially since I have moved quite a bit over the last ten years, it is
easy for old friends to keep track of me.  Additionally, I haven't had
problems with any kind of insurance that some people seem to have experienced.

I was surprised to discover that for me, it was very annoying to keep my
husband's name socially.  It was confusing to some people to address me as
Lisa Hisname and then have other people call me Lisa Hername.  And then, I
was also addressed as Mrs. Hisname (which is fine for me socially) and Mrs.
Hername (which is not fine because it is not correct).  It was a pain to
have to explain these discrepancies every single time.  

After about two years of this I only introduce myself as Lisa Hername which
I now think of as Myname.  So I now have the same name legally,
professionally, and socially and it is very easy.

On a related topic, I find it difficult for various UK administrative
offices to address me the way I would like them.  Everyone seems to use a
title as a form of address here in the UK and my choices are usually Miss or
Mrs.  When I fill out forms (bank, driver's license, police report, you name
it), I generally use Ms. Myname as a form of address.  Invariably all
communication goes to Mrs. Myname.  After having changed the title on all
forms to Dr. to avoid the Mrs., I sometimes still get addressed as Mrs.
Some people just don't get it.  ----Lisa 
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