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linden higgins linden at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Thu Sep 11 15:37:41 EST 1997

Thanks to everyone who sent information to help with my recent infection.
After a week of work and some ranting at the UT technical support people (I
haven't got a grant & was trying to get it right myself), I have a fully
functional computer.  I'd never realized how dependent I'd become on the

In case anyone is interested --
I purchased the Symantec "SAM" package (it was what was readily available).
The virus was a relatively new one, so I had to immediately update the
definitions through their free service.
I had some problems with the machine after doing the update;  Apple, btw,
is not up to speed with the Macroviruses and gave me some really bad advice
that made things MUCH worse (like, reduced my machine to nearly
disfunctional and that is what necesitated calling in the tech support
people).  Macroviruses do not (at least, not so far) damage applications or
the system on Macs.  Thing really hard & get other advice before
re-installing your system!

Anyway, it appears to be fine, now, and I will tread lightly and check
files twice before looking at attached documents.

One other aside- I got this from a collaborator, who got it from a student
who was using a university computer lab - apparently, open-use labs are
full of the these things, so if anyone is having students hand in computer
files for assignments, they should be DOUBLY carefull.


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