Giving Techs Credit

aloisia schmid a-schmi at
Sun Sep 14 20:50:47 EST 1997

Just one more point on this.

I believe that PIs who DON'T give their techs credit, rationalize this
policy by saying that they are paying the tech to be their hands in the
lab, that these techs are not intellectually independent and that they are
merely being paid to do the work and not to advance an independent
career.  I am not saying this is correct or fair, I just know that that is
what I have heard from PIs who don't credit their techs.  

However, I would have to say that the bigger they are, usually, the bigger
they are.  The PIs who recognize the efforts of a good technician are
generally those who are secure and confident enough not to feel threatened
in sharing credit. 


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