Money and Self-Esteem

Rae Nishi nishir at
Wed Sep 17 17:57:44 EST 1997

Everyone should try to keep in mind that the traditional definition of
a postdoc is a training position and not a "real job".  I know the pay
is cruddy, but it is for anyone in such an "apprenticeship" position. 
Look at the relative pay of interns and residents compared to docs with
"regular" jobs.  If you have been a postdoc for more than 4 years, then
try to move into a position that may pay better because it has a
different title attached ("instructor", "reserach associate", etc). 
Once you advance past the "postdoc" position the pay is significantly
better.  For example, in biomedical sciences, competitive salaries for
asst profs (PhDs) are $50-60K.  Industry jobs are at this level or

And, hey!  Not all PIs are yelling at the people in their labs
constantly and being over critical!!   

Rae Nishi, PhD
Dept. Cell & Developmental Biology
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland Oregon 
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**that's Orygun, NOT Ora-Gone**

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