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I am an independent staffing consultant (not with a placement agency)
working with a Boston area client who is seeking a Group Leader for
Sequence Analysis/Computational Biology in their bioinformatics =
I am making inquiries to generate interest in this position and
opportunities for additional individual contributors which will follow.

The full-time/permanent position(s) will be based in the Boston area,
compensated commeasurate with experience.  A brief description follows.

Our goal is to fill this position within one month.
Please reply at your earliest convenience with a current resume, salary=20
requirements and availability or forward this message to an associate
who may be interested.  I will forward information to the hiring

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for additional
details.  I appreciate your time and attention, and look forward to =
from you or an associate!


Group Leader/Sequence Analysis and Computational Biology

Lead/manage a group of scientists involved in sequence analysis and =
areas of computational biology.  Serve as mentor to less-experienced
scientists who are doing sequence analysis.  Help to determine where and
how computing tools can be used to advantage within the company.  =
with lab scientists and managers to understand the company's scientific
projects and educate people about the benefits of computational =
to high-throughput data analysis.

MS/PhD in appropriate life science (molecular biology, genetics,
biochemistry) and significant hands-on experience with sequence analysis
required.  Must be able to communicate effectively with lab scientists =
upper management, balance priorities between multiple projects and =
effectively in the face of changing requirements.


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