Money and Self-Esteem

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>What do others who've sat on search committees have to say about this?
>(I'm beginning to think every institution is different, especially when 
>I read Rae's quote of starting salaries at undergrad institutions-she's 
>definitely not talking about Texas!)
>I shared once before that a director at NIH had told me that people over 
>40 were avoided by search committees as "too old", and this newsgroup 
>resoundingly voted against this sentiment-which, given my age, was a 
>comfort.  What about the temporary positions move?
>Julia Frugoli

Julia-Rae sure wasn't talking about North Carolina, either.  Our faculty
salaries are among the lowest for PhD granting institutions.  The new
president of the UNC system has made some comments about the salaries, but
I daresay the Legislature will have other ideas.


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