Money and Self-Esteem

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>Here's some data, from the book _Money_ (out in hardback, can't
>remember the author)
>Salaries for full professors, 1995-1996, average
>State schools are for the main campus. 
>For some inexplicable reason, Maine is missing. 
>I know that this averages across all faculty members,
>not just science faculty. I do not know if the numbers
>refer to 9 or 12 month salaries. 

(salaries deleted)

While this is a very small subset of colleges (ie, the principle 
research institutions, not the small undergraduate colleges with 
research programs) and only full professors, I found the range 
fascinating-the highest salaries were twice the lowest, making it 
impossible to say "a full professor earns X" without being grossly 
misleading.  I suspect saying "a starting professor earns X" is equally 
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