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>> I'm curious to know (from a career rather than a financial 
>perspective) how
>> moving into what may be another temporary position (instructor, 
>> associate, etc.) is perceived by a search committee for a 
>> position.  Are there biases against those people who have taken a 
>number of
>> temporary positions (say two post-docs and a non-tenure track 
>faculty) while
>> applying for tenure-track positions? ---Lisa 
>There are not very many biases against these positions.  What matters
>most is your track record (publications), your letters, and your
>research interest statement. 

Interesting-I've heard that this would be death to an academic career, 
mostly because a non-tenure track position is often "instructor", which 
kills your research record.  I've also been told that pedigree is even 
more important than pubs, though it can't cover a dismal record, it 
tips the balance between two people each with 12 author pubs. (An 
assistant chair recently told me that you shouldn't even consider 
today's job market without this dozen publications-the pool is that 

What do others who've sat on search committees have to say about this?
(I'm beginning to think every institution is different, especially when 
I read Rae's quote of starting salaries at undergrad institutions-she's 
definitely not talking about Texas!)

I shared once before that a director at NIH had told me that people over 
40 were avoided by search committees as "too old", and this newsgroup 
resoundingly voted against this sentiment-which, given my age, was a 
comfort.  What about the temporary positions move?
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