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Bharathi Jagadeesh bjag at
Thu Sep 18 07:29:27 EST 1997

I have a question for PI's, peripheraly motivated
by a question asked in the money/self-esteem thread.

How do you give feedback to students/and post-docs
(who are supposed to be trainees?)? What is "good"

I've noticed an unwillingness in science to tell
people that they aren't "good enough" (actually
my desire to put that in quotes is a symptom).

In law, for example, recruiters/advisors/mentors
are much more willing to say -- nope, you aren't
going to get that job. Adverts for
legal jobs often will say  "must
have excellent academic performance and have
attended a top law school." Translated, that
means you must have been in the top 10% of
your class, and have attended a top ten law

Do you give that kind of advice to your
advisees? prospective students?

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