Money and Self-Esteem

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Thu Sep 18 03:32:38 EST 1997

At 10:57 pm 17/09/97 GMT, Rae Nishi wrote:
>If you have been a postdoc for more than 4 years, then
>try to move into a position that may pay better because it has a
>different title attached ("instructor", "reserach associate", etc). 
>Once you advance past the "postdoc" position the pay is significantly
>better.  For example, in biomedical sciences, competitive salaries for
>asst profs (PhDs) are $50-60K.     

I'm curious to know (from a career rather than a financial perspective) how
moving into what may be another temporary position (instructor, research
associate, etc.) is perceived by a search committee for a tenure-track
position.  Are there biases against those people who have taken a number of
temporary positions (say two post-docs and a non-tenure track faculty) while
applying for tenure-track positions? ---Lisa 

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