feedback for students

Patricia S. Bowne pbowne at
Thu Sep 18 20:36:25 EST 1997

At the undergraduate school where I teach, we
send all our students out to do internships. The
mentors are invited on campus for a two-hour
session at which we explain the seminar the students
are taking with their internship. Then the mentors
and students fill out detailed lists of what they
intend to accomplish in the internship -- both what
tasks the student will learn and perform, and what
skills the student expects to learn in the internship.

With these lists, it's easier to give useful feedback.
Wouldn't it be a help if grad students beginning work
in a lab sat down with the PI and made such lists?
We didn't do it in my day, but it would have been
useful if I had. I would have known what skills could
be learned in the lab at the outset, and not just
learned to do whatever happened to need doing.

Pat Bowne

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