Money and Self-Esteem

JuneKK junekk at
Fri Sep 19 07:17:30 EST 1997

Okay, so from this thread it seems like the general consensus is that to
be competitive for a tenure-track asst prof position, you should have:

1) A good publication record;
2) Great references; 
3) An articulate job talk; 
4)  fit in well with the research interests of the department in question.

My questions are:  

Is this applicable for all asst prof positions in the biolog. sciences-
med schools, undergraduate, state schools, etc or are there different
emphasis for each? 

What is the criteria in terms of teaching experience?  

More importantly, how necessary is it to bring in your own funding at the
time of hiring?  It seems with such high applicant:positions available
ratios, that institutions could  fulfill all the earlier criteria AND get
someone who already has a grant.  


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