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Fri Sep 19 09:50:20 EST 1997

>From: JFRUGOLI at BIO.TAMU.EDU ("Julia Frugoli") wrote:
><<I've also been told that pedigree is even more important than pubs,
>though it can't cover a dismal record, it tips the balance between two
>people each with 12 author pubs. (An assistant chair recently told me 
>you shouldn't even consider today's job market without this dozen
>publications-the pool is that deep).>>
>Did the chair included "submitted" as part of the dozen refs required, 
>does only actual citings and "in press" count?  

I'm not sure.  The conversation started around the lunch table when 
someone on the search committee of a then-current microbiology search 
said that the pool was so deep that the disscussion ran along the lines 
of "does 2 Science papers equal two Cell papers?  What about a Science 
and a Nature, etc.?"  The person commented that the top 30 candidates or 
so all had double digit pubication records coming out of their 
post-docs, and he'd never be able to get a job in the current market 
(he's tenured now).  The asst. chair chimed in that there was no excuse 
for not having a dozen or more pubications by the time you went job 
hunting-his good grad students had 5 or more by the end of grad school 
(I didn't ask what quality, or how many of his students were "good", and 
I never checked whether he was boasting (a good possibility given this 
person) or telling the truth).  I wrote it to the newsgroup on purpose, 
because I think it's excessive except for certain fields, and I was 
hoping someone would be shocked by the number, but obviously not!  
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