Money and Self-Esteem

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Fri Sep 19 17:08:35 EST 1997

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> <<I wrote it to the newsgroup on purpose, 
> because I think it's excessive except for certain fields, and I was hoping
> someone would be shocked by the number, but obviously not!  >>
> Certainly at Tier I universities (such as the one where I postdoc), this
> is not an unreasonable demand- and from what I understand, of those dozen
> publications there would certainly be some published from Science, Nature,
> etc..

I took a course over the summer and one of the instructors was a new
instructor at Berkeley.  And I searched his publication record and was
happily surprised to see that he only had 1 publication from a 5 year
post-doc!  It was of course,
one HELL of a publication and was one of those massively heroic efforts you
hear about occasioanlly, but still.  Furthermore, while it is true that you
have to have a killer publication record----let's not get crazy.  These people
are all human too, and they all have to sleep too, and even if theya re
extraordinarily lucky there is simply NO WAY TO GENERATE 12
papers by the time you are ready for the job market.  

I think there is danger in relaying these kinds of stories---all they do
is frighten already pessimistic women away from the academic job track.


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