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> From: JFRUGOLI at BIO.TAMU.EDU ("Julia Frugoli")
> I've also been told that pedigree is even
> more important than pubs, though it can't cover a dismal record, it
> tips the balance between two people each with 12 author pubs. (An
> assistant chair recently told me that you shouldn't even consider
> today's job market without this dozen publications-the pool is that
> deep).
> What do others who've sat on search committees have to say about this?

The rule is, there's no rule.

Pedigree matters, but it won't get you the job.
Publications matter, but won't get you the job.
A dozen publications required?  No way!  That's bull.

What will get you the job is the indescribable  mix of
doing what the committee wants, being fundable, being the sort of colleague
they want to have, having enough track record to be a save bet, having enough
people say positive things about you, and the number one thing:  an enormous
amount of luck of the right-place, right-time kind.

What you can do about it is work hard, be savvy, take opportunities to meet
people and always take opportunities to learn.  Sure, it's tough.  It's tough
getting that position in a top law firm too.  Be realistic  about what's
involved, and know what you want...and what matters to you.  This life is
filled with tradeoffs.

> (I'm beginning to think every institution is different, especially
> when
> I read Rae's quote of starting salaries at undergrad
> institutions-she's
> definitely not talking about Texas!)

Oh yes.  Note that some of us have to get ALL our salary off our grants.  And
our benefits, too.

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