Money and Self-Esteem

JuneKK junekk at
Sat Sep 20 11:04:20 EST 1997

Just to clarify- I was not, of course, implying that I thought 12 Science
or Nature pubs were considered normal (or else I'd be seriously worried AND
in big trouble, like most others!)...  Alice brought up a great point that
it is the quality of the publications as well, and not just quantity.  

My last post was not meant to be intimidating--but to try to  better
clarify (for my own benefit)  what other people seem to consider  the
"norms" were in terms of professional qualifications- clearly there is a
somewhat wide span in this definition.  I, too, am trying to get into the
academic job track, and would much prefer to be forearmed with the
knowledge of what different people consider appropriate refs! 


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