history of women in science

Colleen Robinson crobinso at rohan.sdsu.edu
Sat Sep 20 16:58:15 EST 1997

I am a biology teacher currently researching women in science.  I have
happened upon the story of Ida Hyde.  She was the first woman to earn a
doctorate from a German University and the first woman to do research at
Harvard.  She invented the micro-electrode, but only published it once. 
Consequently, the micro-electrode had to be reinvented. Today, very few
people know of her name, and she is generally not credited with this

I could go on for days about her accomplishments, but I will cut to the
chase.  How did the micro-electrode change the course of
neurophysiology?  Also, how does her invention differ from the
micro-electrode being used today?

I have had a hell of a time finding the answers to these questions, so I
would appreciate any help you could give.  I want to present a unit on
the history of science and I really want to include Ida Hyde.  Any
suggestions for 10th grade Biology lessons in the history of Biology?

Thanks for the help.

Colleen Robinson

email: crobinso at rohan.sdsu.edu

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