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Mon Sep 22 13:24:45 EST 1997

Deb Cook wrote:

>What's really scary out there is it's hard to tell the
>departments/programs/universities that invest in young faculty 
>them to succeed apart from those that invest in them and expect them to
>fail.  Smaller places with a greater emphasis on teaching are
>because the more senior faculty may have never had to balance teaching
>with the demands of funded research or even comprehend the amount of
>work that has to be done to generate a publication or a grant proposal.

Let me second this.  Especially if, at the time the senior faculty had a 
research program, $500 bought a year's worth of reagents  and supplies.  
Some older faculty at teaching institutions have no idea how expensive 
it is to do molecular biology, only that it's something they want to 
bring to their institution.  I have a story I love from a friend's 
interview at one of these institutions.  They wanted him to "bring 
molecular biology" to their undergraduates.  When he inquired what 
facilities were already in place, since they couldn't offer start-up 
funds, he was told "We have a gel box."  He tried to explain that it 
would be difficult to parlay this into a molecular biology program 
without spending $. (Imagine the "Facilities and Equipment" section of 
the grant one would try to fund at this institution)

I don't know how many others interviewed for the position, or the number 
of pubs of the person they finally hired, but I use this story to remind 
myself that, unfortunately, this is the kind of position people with 
only 5 publications by the end of postdoc years may be competing for.  
So while I do the best science I possibly can, and choose my graduate 
work and postdoc(s) as carefully as possible, I also keep in mind the 
last part of what Deb says, which is, in the end,also true.

>As for relative success, it still comes down to dumb luck and a lot of

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