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> The rule is, there's no rule.
> Pedigree matters, but it won't get you the job.
> Publications matter, but won't get you the job.
> A dozen publications required?  No way!  That's bull.
> What will get you the job is the indescribable  mix of
> doing what the committee wants, being fundable, being the sort of colleague
> they want to have, having enough track record to be a save bet, having enough
> people say positive things about you, and the number one thing:  an enormous
> amount of luck of the right-place, right-time kind.
> What you can do about it is work hard, be savvy, take opportunities to meet
> people and always take opportunities to learn.  Sure, it's tough.  It's tough
> getting that position in a top law firm too.  Be realistic  about what's
> involved, and know what you want...and what matters to you.  This life is
> filled with tradeoffs.

Susan's comments are "right on".

>Oh yes.  Note that some of us have to get ALL our salary off our grants.  >And our benefits, too. 

As my Chair (not I, but, unfortunately, this is the attitude of many
administrations) is fond of saying-- your salary is what you take home
every week (or month)--it has nothing to do with whether you're getting
it from your grant or your department's budget.  (We have always fought
about the % hard versus soft money part of it).

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