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Mareel mareel at
Sun Sep 21 22:55:07 EST 1997

I hyphenated my name when I married 22 years ago, in graduate school.  I
would probably either do the same again today or, as my husband says, just
leave my name the same.  I've never regretted own name still out there for
people to find me by.  I got a surprise email Christmas card last year from
a professor I had worked for as an undergraduate who was trying too an
email group reunion of all his former students, and he told me in the note
that he was really glad I had an unusual name and that I had kept it.  This
was how he was able to find me on the internet.

Barbara Duhl-Emswiler
bde BioPharmaceutical Resources
Barbara Duhl-Emswiler  mareel at

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