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>And, hey!  Not all PIs are yelling at the people in their labs
>constantly and being over critical!!   

	Sorry if I offended! I did not mean to say that all PIs are bad. It's
just as true that all grad students aren't wonderfully hard workers,
either. But one can only speak from experience and where I am, that kind
of behavior is all too common. Occasionally the students complain. We
have even suggested management courses for the PIs. (You can imagine how
that came off!). But I must also say that I had a wonderful experience as
an undergrad. The post-doc who trained me was fantastic and showed me the
way I would like/do treat others that I mentor. 
	As for giving feedback, I think its a wonderful idea. If people could
comfortably sit down and discuss expectations with their bosses ahead of
time, it would save a lot of heartache later on! I tell first year
students when they are picking labs to use that as a test. If you can't
do it, don't go to the lab as it means you can't communicate with that
person. The ones who don't listen are the ones who end up unhappy in the

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